What’s up conqueror! I’m so glad you chose to stop by The Conqueror Blog. However you ended up here, I believe you’re here on purpose, that because you’re reading this, you’re meant to be part of my journey, and I’m meant to learn from you. My name is Dzifianu Afi Edoh-Torgah. I never quite know what to say when people ask me who am I, and that’s because who I am evolves as I grow. I’m a 16 year old Christian, first and foremost, which might not mean what you think it means. It doesn’t mean I go to church in a pretty dress every Sunday . It means I love God. I believe I am saved and loved through Christ, I love people, and I love myself. I’m also a writer, a lover of all things art and literature, a wild heart constantly seeking adventure.

And that’s what this blog is, another adventure. Welcome to The Conqueror Blog, created because I believe we are all called to thrive and not just survive. Here I share things I’ve learnt and continue to learn in my pursuit of growth, adventure and purpose. I’ve got it all from lifestyle, to literature, to Christianity, societal issues, to friendships, self care, business and more so you can live your most fearless, purposed life. Wherever you are in life, I guarantee you’ll find something that resonates with you. Stay tuned. I love you immensely.

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